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All goals reflected for each department in school is originally reflective of Curtis Senior High School’s policies. We hope these changes can help at different schools across the districts.

Athletic Department

  • Athletes should know about the history of racism in their fields
    • i.e Native Americans invented lacrosse
  • Hold athletes to a higher standard because they represent the whole school
  • Coaches act the same in real life as social media & have a more solid and strict stance against “bro-culture” which includes racism, misogyny, ableism on their teams
  • Don’t enable white supremacist environments
  • Students feel more comfortable reporting offensive social media behavior that athletes may display
  • Real punishment for racist, misogynistic, ableist behavior
  • Educate on exclusion and elitism of their sport 
    • Swimming has a history of segregation, as Black people were not allowed to swim in public pools

Community Service

  • Advertise opportunities better to students
  • Community Service to combat anti black racism – opportunities that actually benefit our community such as
    • Mentoring Black children
    • Helping clinics that assist Black students succeed in athletics and education
    • Benefit Indigenous people
    • Tutoring for BIPOC

Theatre Department

  • Diversity in casting
  • Get rid of type casting
  • Leads do not need to look like they do on Broadway
  • Explore shows that were written by minorities


  • Being late to school is not always the student’s fault
    • Need to investigate lack of transportation and home situation before punishing student
  • Friday school/After school detention is not a suitable punishment for all students 
    • Not all students are privileged enough to just go home after school
    • Lots of students have jobs to support themselves and their families
  • A solution could be options of discipline to accommodate different students
  • Need to consider at home situations before calling parents

Relations/Education with Indigenous Population

  • Land acknowledgments before every single school event (Coast Salish land) 
  • Talk to Indigenous people about incorporating anti-colonialism ideals at Curtis, accurately honoring Coast Salish peoples, languages, and cultures in classes and campus life, including use of Indigenous-designed resources such as:
  • Community service tied to Native issues, and advertise those service opportunities


  • Intense teacher training on prioritizing BIPOC voices
  • Unite on white supremacy in every history class
  • Minority writers over white writer in English classes
  • Unpack why “classics” are “classics” & question why they are a majority of white authors.
    • Historic, enduring racism in educational fields
  • Reforming Socratic Seminars