About the Team

Meet the members.

Head Coordinator

Keoni Dilay, He/Him

Keoni Dilay comes from a diverse background as he is Hawaiian, Filipino, Italian, Chinese and French. Growing up, he spent half of his life living in Hawaii and the other half in Washington. Keoni graduated from Curtis High School in 2018. He currently attends the University of Washington Seattle majoring in Vocal Performance and Music Education with a minor in Dance. Keoni hopes to continue performing and teach high school choir after receiving his degree from UW. Creating change by reforming systems of injustice is important to Keoni because he wants to create a better community for his younger brothers and future children to grow up in. 

Student Liaison

Kekoa Dilay, He/Him

Kekoa stems from a multicultural background as he is Hawaiian, Filipino, Italian, French, and Chinese. He was born in Tacoma and grew up in Washington and Hawaii, where he began school. Currently, Kekoa is a Junior at Curtis High School, and has been in the University Place School District since the third grade. He is also heavily involved in Choir and Theatre at Curtis and around the community. He has a younger brother who is a 7th Grader and hopes that he can aid in calling out and reforming systems of injustice, not only in his school district, but others in the community as well, in order to provide the proper system of education our generation deserves.

Director of Race Relations

Moe’Neyah Dene Holland, She/Her

Moe’Neyah Holland comes from an African-American background, with roots in Latinx heritage. Growing up in Tacoma, she recognized the dire need for change in education systems. She attended Curtis High School, and now studies art history with a minor in French translation at the University of Washington Seattle. She hopes to change methods of curation by focusing on African-American artists. In the future, she hopes to spark reform at a contemporary art museum, and be a leading African-American curator in the practice. Through this board, she hopes to implement lasting change throughout Curtis High School.

Director of Education

Joey Packer, He/Him

Joey Packer comes from an African American background, born and raised in Tacoma, Washington. He attended Curtis High School where his interest in service leadership was founded and nourished through being a member of the student council. He now attends Central Washington University majoring in Hospitality/Tourism, with a specialization in Event Management and a minor Africana/Black Studies. In the future Joey hopes to become a university professor and continue advocating for universal high quality public education.

“My favorite part about being on the board is that it not only opens opportunities for me to educate others but I have been educated on new ideas and injustices by my fellow board members everyday.”

-Keoni Dilay

Head of Event Management

Kenzie Jones, She/Her

Kenzie, has been an activist since she was 14. She is incredibly passionate about all social justice issues, especially Black Lives Matter. Lately, she’s been empowered by the passion of others around her and hopes that these people will continue their passion like she will. She’s more than excited to work with her team members to bring reform to schools and education systems in Washington state.

Director of Music and Arts Education

Ariona Thompson

Coming from a half African-American half Caucasian family, Ariona Thompson grew up in Tacoma before moving to University Place. She graduated from Curtis Senior High School in 2017. She is now in her fourth year of college studying Music Education at the University of Washington. Her passion for teaching in the future has sparked her interest in current reform within the education system. She dreams of helping to cultivate a better, more inclusive and welcoming environment within schools and the community for students of color. 

Outreach and Social Media Manager

Kate Burney

Kate Burney has Italian, Danish, Irish and English roots and has grown up primarily in University Place, WA after moving several times with her Army family. Kate studies Film, Literature and Entrepreneurship at Montana State University and is a Curtis High School class of 2019 graduate. In her senior year of high school, Kate founded the community service group Girls With A Vision (GWAV) and has continued her community service work in Montana. She hopes to create positive change in both the education system and the film industry by elevating the stories and perspectives of those who have been ignored by the historical oppressors.